gold tier

One hybrid App will be developed natively using Cordova, Angular (1/2) along with one CMS backend site will be designed and delivered to you. Your App will be directly placed onto Google Store which can be downloaded directly by your customers. If you already having a CMS website running in Shopify or OpenCart or WordPress or Anyother that can be availed as well.

Two revisions of your code are allowed, meaning twice you can provide your feedback and we will modify the same, but third time onwards we will charge $100 per modification even if it is simple amendment. We will provide you the backend admin console for you to update / amend your products or services or price for your products or services. We will not update any products or services as a part of this engagement, however we will provide you a detailed document or video (english) and make yourself ready for any kind of changes of your App as well.

Based on public demand, we added the below frequently asked questions below, please read through this thoroughly before reaching us.

What is Hybrid App?
Hybrid App is nothing but static eliments are developed in native tools using xCode or Android Studio with Cordova, Angular (1/2), NodeJS, JS etc., and the dynamic content are extracted from your backend websites. We as a company wont belive in pure native app for business because, that will create a huge dependency towards the developer for even a simple amendment of your business - meaning for changing a minor stuff you got to go back to your developer which is not acceptable as per our strategy and policy

 How do I ensure my existing CMS website is supported for Hybrid App?
1. Ensure your existing website is running in WordPress WooCommerce or Shopify.  (Currently we support only two but we will increase in due course)
2. If you hosted this site with a different IT service organization, checkout with them that they are ok to add our APIs in your website

Payment Gatway can be added?
Yes, any payment gateway services will be added as a part of Gold tier, but annual subscription for payment gateway services would be bourned by you, we would not pay any subscription costs except the initiatal website registration and hosting cost for one year

If you hold a unresponsive traditional website, what do you need before reaching us?
1. Doesn't matter you goto upgrade your website before reaching us - checkout our silver tier service
2. Update all your products in there and ensure your payment gateway is functioning perfectly fine
3. Avail the Gold tier service from us, if you want all in one go - please reach us at

What do you need if you do not have an existing website?
1. We would provide you the backend website for you for one year hosting free
2. If you want to host this backend site by youself, we need your authorization mail/letter for us to the preform tasks & to build your App on your behalf
3. Details about your business - Business name, License number, Address, pictures and your writeups/wordings for your websites

What are the other mandatory details which you need to know before reaching us?
1. Secure you data in a safe place as we never hold responsible for your data, take a complete backup and ensure it is restorable
2. Ensure you paid for your existing website's anual subscription and you have ample time for renewal
3. Ensure your current SSL certificate has ample time for renewal, skip this point if you are not running on https/ssl
4. Read our privacy policies and terms and conditions.

Please feel free to reach us at if you have more questions in this regard