Restaurant app

live hybrid restaurant app developed natively

Restaurant App

Fully functional Restaurant Hybrid App for both Android & IOS devices, the app can be downloaded straight-away from Apple/Google Store. The App owners can update their content using their backend system on their own without any dependency towards developer or IT service vendor.

This App would support only "Cash on Delivery" option along with top horizontal scroll and bottom vertical scroll like an ecommerce App.  The default menus are "Food menu, Wishlist, Contact, About & Settings".

This App would support 5 languagues such as English, Arabic, Portuguese, German & Hindi, more languages can be added with additional cost ($100 each language). Customer can call us using this App as well and also can create their own account to personalize for them and "My Account and My Order" menus would appear additionally through which they can see their order history and edit their billing and shipping addresses.

If you buy this App in Diamond Tier you can own the entire backend system as your website along with couple of email addresses. Please use the below button to order online quickly.

Download Sample Live Restaurant App  

Video Demo

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