CloudStar Technologies is Bangalore based modern startup company focusing on Cloud & Mobility related technology products & services.

Our predominant focus is on Cloud & Mobility Consulting, Cloud innovation broker, Cloud Storage, Mobility App Development in Native or Hybrid or WebApp, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management etc., All our products and services are measured twice cut once professionally by a team of certified professionals with the help of modern web developers to ensure high-quality eye-catching product for end customer like you…

Our Core Values:
App Development: We are well-versed with the development technologies like NodeJS, Angular, Cordova, HTML5, CSS3, PHP Scripts, CMS Systems, MVC, Android Studio and iOS xCode Swift, Objective C etc.,
Due Diligence: We have exceeded the accepted standards of quality and made our achievements the benchmark of quality in App industry
Diversity: Our experience lies in finance, shopping, education, Appointment, travel, enterprise, real estate, Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Navigation etc.
Dedication: Our dedication results to make an perfect final product. We are an collection of experienced professionals united by passion and perseverance.

Our Core Commitment:
We help stretching your limits and we make sure your business becomes more lucrative and lucid. It is achieved 100% in our previous projects, would happen for you if you could engage us for your business App development.
We work for you and with you. This is how, we enhance your business revenue gradually and strategically, checkout our testimonials from our real customers (or) download any of our App that talk more about us
Leveraging from trending technologies, we reap benefits of carefully tested and all-inclusive products. Our competitive prices your never could find in the market, we avail timely and full-satisfactory guaranteed products.


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Trending Technologies 

We always use the modern frameworks & tools for our application developments such as Node JS, Angular JS, Ionic framework, React frameworks, knockout, Cordova (Phone Gap), Swift 2, razorpay, woocommerce, WordPress, Material Design, MobileFirst, php, MobileFront etc.,

All versions are latest, in some cases customers prefers beta versions too for their App platform.  We support all main payment gateway solutions in our app such as PayPal, Stripe, RazorPay, PayUMobile, PayTM etc.,



HTML5 & CSS 3.0